"Man advances, not by what he sees, but by his vision," summarizes the long struggle we all face to move technology and mankind forward. Our discovery of new truths and the dissemination of our findings is our legacy that others build on. The direction in which they build, however, comes from the vision we provide.

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  • A New Proposition - The Laboratory for

    Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems (PREES)

    It is very fortuitous to consider electronic packaging at this time with the confluence of three major developments. We have new power semiconductors, i.e. SiC and GaN that allow much higher temperatures of operation, switching speeds and voltage capabilities. All-electric military crafts, consumer vehicle propulsion electrification, and the smart grid, which are pushing extensive innovation in energy systems packaging. Many new materials in the graphite and nano-scaled metals offer unprecedented performances in packaging.

    PREES brings together commercial, industrial and military interests in exploring newer approaches to physical definition, development and fabrication of electrical energy processing systems. Any physical realization of a power electronic system can be addressed in "Energy Systems Packaging."

    Please consider being part of this by joining in with material or financial support. Send me an email - DCHopkins@NCSU.Edu  

    The Comprehensive Plan -

    PREES's Many Facets for Facilities, Education and Research

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    PREES's EB-II Lab for Printed Power Electronics Circuits Research

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